About Us

We are a family business beginning a dream on making custom cakes and unique pastry in South Florida;



We were inspired by our Grandmothers and our dear Godfather who were excellent chefs. We would like to honor their names with our delights and finest creations.



In Nicole’s Bakery we always try to reach our customer's desires. We can provide you with a variety of delights:


 Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Profiterole, Cake Pops, Pastries and Meringues.



All our creations are made from scratch and have never been frozen unlike other bakeries or stores.



Our creations are custom made using the freshest and finest ingredients, all handmade, all edible works of art that require skill and artistry, and can take days to complete.



At Nicole’s Bakery we try to make our cake low in sugar. This means that you still will enjoy a delicious cake but with a reduction on the amount of sugar


 We would like to promote a healthy way to eat sugar without any food preservatives.



The decorated cakes that show on Nicolesbakery.com website are examples of our creations.


You can select from any of these designs, if it fits your needs and taste, or you may indicate another design of your choice.



We invite you to choose us to help you create an exclusive and edible masterpiece that fits your celebration with love and joy.




Note: Because our cakes are fresh, we need to work on it with time, we don't freeze cake or use preservative to keep the cakes for days. We recommend to place your order with 4 to 5 days before your event, thanks!